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FoNNaP document repository download page


You have come to a site where we are hosting some of our documents for you to download. Most of  documents are in MS Word format that you can right-click and save to your computers hard disk and read them from there at your leisure without any need to connect to the Internet.

The following is a list of documents that you can find here. To grab please move your mouse over the links (numbered list) below. List items you can download will spring a yellow hi-light. Right-click the relevant link and select <save link as> and then save the file to your computer. We suggest you save the file to your desktop so you can find it easily later. The files are fairly small but as some of you have voiced concerns over download times we are willing to convert to other formats (plain text or pdf if you request these). Send us an e-mail. All the files contain the same content but some of them have more fancy layout. The pdf files are the fanciest while the plain text files are content only with no fancy graphics. Please note that you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read the pdf files. The Reader is a free download from the Adobe website and can be found on many CD-ROMs that come with magazines. It would also be a good idea to bookmark this site so you can come back and check for new files without having to remember this website address (in most web browsers simply press <ctrl+d> to bookmark this page.

  1. May 2007 Newsletter (87Kb MS Word file)
  2. Proceedings of the AGM (82Kb)
  3. October Newsletter as a Microsoft Word file (56Kb)
  4. September Newsletter as a Microsoft Word file (88Kb)
  5. August Newsletter as a Microsoft Word file (90Kb)
  6. July Newsletter as a Microsoft Word file (61Kb)
  7. June Newsletter as a Microsoft Word file (73Kb)
  8. May Newsletter as a Microsoft Word file (60Kb)
  9. April Newsletter as a Microsoft Word file (77Kb)
  10. March Newsletter as a Microsoft Word file (71Kb)
  11. February Newsletter as a pdf file (150Kb)
  12. February Newsletter as a Microsoft Word file (51Kb)
  13. February Newsletter as a plain text file (9Kb)
  14. Subscriptions Renewals form as a pdf file (70Kb)

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